The ULTIMATE MARKETING HACK to Maximize SALES in 2019 | Hair Enterprise Masterclass Episode 5

Hey Cash Gang! I am internet hosting a Hair Extensions Enterprise Masterclass in New York Metropolis on September eight and I would love to attach with you LIVE in particular person.

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In Right now’s Class, we’re overlaying the right way to create your very personal Avatar! By following at this time’s video, you’ll be taught the Final Advertising Hack and the way it is possible for you to to use it to your individual enterprise.


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31 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE MARKETING HACK to Maximize SALES in 2019 | Hair Enterprise Masterclass Episode 5”

  1. My Avatar: Kitara, 30 years old, registered nurse, a single mom of 2 girls, looking to be fabulous on a budget with fabulous children in tow. I provide affordable, long lasting bundles for mom, and affordable time saving styles for her children.

  2. My Avatar name is Janice who is 28 years old, a mother of 3 and is dating. She lives on the South side in the jax. area working a customer service job and has her B/S degree in Business management. While working and taking care of her kids, Janice likes to take girls trip and hang with her boyfriend. I can address her problem by providing affordable hair that she can count on and not have to always purchase hair when she goes on trips or to work.

  3. My avatar is Angela whose 46 years old.Who looks and feels like there in their 30's. Who was born and raised in New York. But now resides in the surrounding area of Charlotte, NC . A mother of one and is married to her best friend.For over 19 years. Has some college education , but has a degree in Cosmetology, and also who had a successful career. As an freelance makeup artist. Who has left that life behind many years ago. Has become an stay at home for 9 1/2 years, and has recently as of last year. Went back to work part time. Doing something completely different. (Working in a warehouse) . My product will help Angela continue to look and feel good about herself. Projecting the confidence in herself, even for the days that she doesn't feel it. And most importantly. Help her save some money. Where she can continue to be cute. At an affordable price.

  4. My product will address 32 year old Downtown Chicagoian Andreas problem by being affordable(so it doesn't mess with her other obligations),high quality(so she doesnt waste time worrying about shedding and constant upkeep and she can trust that its not a quanity over quality situation),and it will stand out(so she knows she has the good stuff and doesnt need to shop around.

    Because of it's amazing human hair quality she can run her busy with confidence knowing she's slaying in the eyes of her customers thus increasing her customer base because they see a beautiful professional business owner handling her business and looking amazing doing it. Making them wonder where can they get bundles like that.

  5. Amya. 21 . Decatur, GA
    Currently in college
    (Spelman College)
    Working : Beauty Service (manager)
    No Kids
    She’s on YouTube , Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest
    Music : Nicki Minaj , Sam Smith

  6. My product would address the problem by intercepting the idea that what she is wanting is not attainable and showing options of what she is able to obtain. My product solves the problem by offering quality products that can be consider affordable and/or worth the quality that she will pay.


    How does your product or services product and address your Avatar problems? My product address her price range and still feel like she paid a lot for her hair that she seen somewhere else for more.

    How can your product or services help your avatar achieve their goals? My product and service help this single mother working and still with a active lifestyle; loving to look good and having new fresh looks on a budget and raising her 2 kids.

  8. My avatar is Nicole (Nikki) and she is 30 yrs old
    Snooty girl provides Nikki with bomb hair extension services with high quality products to keep her looking like beyonce during her weekend of festivities and Michelle Obama during her work week.
    Snooty girls products and services gives Nikki amazing and effortless hair so she is able to focus on her personal and professional goals and not worry about if her hair is bomb and fits the occasion.

  9. 1. my product will address Stacys problem by boosting self esteem.
    2. It will help her reach her goals by giving her the extra push she needs to land more contracts and dominate her industry.

  10. I'm feeling a bit ovewrwhelmed with getting so specific. I dont get how I'm supposed to know this about a hypothetical person without completely guessing and making it up. Where can I research information like buying habits and schools? Im also having a hard time picking a location. I live in a small town in Ohio. I feel like my answers are just stright up guesses.

  11. Confidence in your appearance in your hair gives you that boost of I can do anything my avatar Paulette age 25 to 35 has fell on hard times and is now looking for a job she has high school and some college has some Technical Training and she's trying to get back on her foot she does her hair to feel pretty she does her here and it makes her feel like okay today I'm going out there I'm going to this interview and I'm going to get that job because I have to support my family because I have to support my kids I am going to make a turn around in my life buy first starting with my appearance

  12. My Avatar is Chloe, she is 28 years old. She is tired of spending her hard earned money on bad quality hair and wants to find high quality hair that will last 2 or more years. Hair that will stand up to heat and humidity in Texas. Works for corporate America and very educated. Does have a social life but no kids. Wants to look trendy as well. Who is fine with paying higher price if it means the hair is up to standards
    Solution for Chloe is to sell higher quality hair such as raw hair that will last many installs and or 2 or more years. That can handle the elements and not tangle, frizz, or mat up. Hair that will look natural whether she wants it sleek and straight or add curls.

  13. My avatar's name: "Helen" (Highly-Educated-Lady-Economically-Neoteric)

    Age: 35

    Location: Buckhead; Atlanta, Georgia (She, her husband, and two young children recently moved into a beautiful home on West Paces Ferry Rd)

    Problem/Issue: Already a busy wife and mother, Helen just got a big promotion and has "hit her stride" in her career. She has much more disposable income to spend, but unfortunately discovers that she now has less time than ever before to devote to self-care at the exact moment that she most needs to look her absolute best at all times.

    Goal addressed by my product line: While continuing to excel as a wife and mother at home, and as a professional at work, she desires to always look great with the least time and effort possible.

  14. My product/service addresses Nichole’s problem by providing variety, convenience, and affordability.

    My product/service helps Nichole reach her goals by providing an extra push in confidence, allowing the ability to save money, and providing products that will allow her to step into her alter ego.

  15. My aviator, Grace
    Selling to towards 27 year old in the Washington DC area.
    Grace is married a full time employee and a part time student who has two children. She works in the medical field as well with breast cancer patients and would like to provide wigs to the nurses navigator as a donation.
    She uses Facebook and instagram on a regular and does not spend much money on shopping. Grace loves to do hair and has done a great deal of research on hair extensions. She wants to provide new looks for women in her area and provide choices to for those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatment. Doing these will allow to grace to be able to provide extra money for her family as well.

  16. Avatar : Mariah. 29. Texas.

    Solution : I help women like Mariah feel blissful and worry free by providing beautiful quality, long lasting hair! It saves her time and money, she will be ready to tackle anything knowing her hair is flawless! From family responsibilities and corporate america, to special occasions, she can execute with certainty and look good doing it!

  17. MY product or service will help my avatar gain self confidence in her daily life to help her mentally push forward and complete all the tasks she sets out to do. Feeling good about herself can positively affect her productivity. Eventually it can help them also create a life of financial freedom for themselves but helping them start their own business.

  18. My avatar is a 35yo woman who has some college educated yet well read. She is in the process of moving from princess thinking to a Queen mindset. Ready to build a Queendom however corporate America is not conducive to her end goal to become an entrepreneur. Wants to be her authentic self with multiple hair styles and colors. Wants to look good but cannot dedicate alot of time for styling. Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji and Bozoma Saint John are her boss goals. Secondly financial freedom. This product will put on display what she feels everyday on the inside….life is not about cruise control.

  19. My Avatar’s name is Yasmin. 25 years old born and raised in Harlem NYC. My product will encourage my Avatar to be a risk taker. College educated but still trying to figure it all out. My product will be that Epiphany for entrepreneurship

  20. My avatars is a 30 year old, medical clinic manager named Symone. Her problem is that in her attempt to become the SheBoss she is meant to be, she has not allotted a lot of time towards maintaining her appearance and the confident image she once exuded in the beginning of her career. Due to the time spent at work, she is rarely able to commit to taking the time needed to put back into herself. The solution that my product offers is quality and low maintenance! The virgin hair we provide will allow her the opportunity to make fewer salon trips, because the hair is easily managed and long lasting between installs. We also offer a selection of wigs, which is great for the woman on the go with a busy schedule. Symone’s goal is to become more social and active on the dating seen by rebuilding her sexiness and self confidence. Us women know how a good hair install can turn you from salt to pepper with the swiftness, which is why we offer multiple textures and lengths of extensions and wigs. The variety of selections that we offer will provide Symone the opportunity to explore all avenues of her inner sexy and allow her to be whom ever she wants to be when those work clothes hit the floor! Symone will be the “Clark Kent” of hair extensions!! All work during the day and all fun at night!!!

  21. My avatar is named Andrea and she is a 30 year old nurse.

    Problem: She wants to look good, but can't spend a lot of time doing her hair since she is a busy nurse.

    Solution: Offer high quality extensions that she can change regularly (wigs) or she can install ever few weeks (bundles).

  22. Name : Flower ( BLOOM )
    Age : 23
    From : Chicago,IL
    my services and product will help my avatar solve problems by gaining confidence and a new found supporter.
    my product will also help my avatar achieve their goals by giving a different outlook and gaining courage to do more.

  23. 1. My product provides Myesha with an affordable high quality hair extension that lasts 2+ years or more, she doesn't have to rely on the latest hot girl to buy the hair as I provide personal consultations. she can rest assured that her business is appreciated and that she is the best product on the market. Once the trust is gained, she will not hesitate to purchase hair again for the next style she wants to try because she knows the hair is going to last. Myesha is now ready to step her wig game up and knows just where to go. :-)2. Myesha can remain current with her look & confident in her hair, while not losing focus on her immediate goals to save money for vacation for her family & still buy a house.

  24. My avatar is 23 yrs old. Is college educated. Loves to look great all the time. She never goes out looking casual. Very obsessed with her appearance. She changes her hair frequently between extensions and lace wigs. She’s very trendy. She wears protective style and her problem is being able to have her hair looking great without damaging her natural hair and not spending a lot of time to achieve her total look. She didn’t mind spending the money to maintain her beauty and hair regimen. Wearing hair extensions or wigs solves her problem of not looking the same and looking like some of her favorite celebrities. She is self absorbed and has self esteem issues so wearing hair extensions helps her to feel good about herself

  25. 1.My product will address my Avatar Daja's problem by providing confidence.
    2. My product will help my Avatar Daja achieve her goals because sometimes at the age of 29 you could be transitioning from one job to another or you can be confused as to where you want to go in life. With the product and confidence she will be able to walk into that interview or hang out and let her hair down while feeling beautiful.

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