The Greatest Area For Your Weblog | The Paid Blogger PT three

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5 thoughts on “The Greatest Area For Your Weblog | The Paid Blogger PT three”

  1. Great information, Glendon. Another option in harmony with informing an email list — should a blogger choose a different domain name in the future and want to take their audience with them — is a 301 redirect. In that case, if someone clicks on an old link or types in the old URL, then that person is automatically redirected to the new domain. Not only will you forward your readership, but also most of your SEO. If anyone would like assistance with that, then please do contact me.

  2. I started a blog back in Sept of 2014, but I lost motivation on it. But recently, I've been going back to it to revamp it. Right now I feel very confident in myself to put out content on health, fitness, & self discipline, so this video is right on time. I wasn't too confident in my domain, but people tell me that it's catchy. What do you think? "Won't Stop Until I Win".

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