No Simple Approach Out You Obtained to Do the Work

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17 thoughts on “No Simple Approach Out You Obtained to Do the Work”

  1. Good to hear the new direction for the channel. Good to know you're going to stick around cause I could still use the advice. I am in an MBA program and it gives me a good overview but I like the way you explain things with your personal examples.

  2. Well there's a thing about the whole gratitude thing.

    Because in my old ways i took a lot of things for granted but now i realise that i've such a luxury life.

    I mean i wake up with a roof over my head and i wake up with a healthy body, i walk downstairs where my mom cook some breakfast for me. i wake up feeling good, and feeling good was somehting that i took granted.

    I walk to my laptop hop on the internet where i can develop myself in billion ways. Information and educations that would cost you 1000 of dollars is free on the internet. It's just unbelievable

  3. Thanks for sharing this Glendon. I have had similar conversations and they can really be eye opening. Find out you know something that others don't know or vise versa is a big reveal.

  4. I've been listening to these sound true business skills from Glendon and a couple of (rare) others alike. It's gotten to the point that when I see that "get it quick and easy, little to not effort" messaging……. I run.. LOL!

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