In todays video I clarify to you about social media advertising and marketing from an Influencers perspective, in addition to from the attitude of somebody that works in advertising and marketing and has seen first hand the charges that some influencers cost for a sponsored video. Not ALL giant influencers cost these charges, nevertheless at this time I take advantage of some recognized influencers for instance that can assist you perceive how manufacturers justify paying such giant quantities for a sponsorship.

I point out hypothetical names and hypothetical charges, nevertheless what I’m saying on this video is solely an instance of what influencers COULD earn, based mostly on their views and what manufacturers are recognized to pay to achieve that many viewers. Please perceive that Youtube advert income and sponsorships, whereas each charged on a CPM foundation, usher in vastly completely different charges. I point out the CPM of the Superbowl on this video, nevertheless this quantity COULD be very completely different to what some Youtubers cost for a sponsorship. The CPM for Youtube based mostly video adverts can vary wherever from $2 – $20 (or extra) however the CPM for sponsored movies can fluctuate as excessive as $50, relying on the size of the sponsorship (if it is the complete video period, or if it is a 30 second phase for instance). I additionally use Shane Dawson in my instance, however I ONLY use his identify as a result of most individuals are conscious of who he’s, and he has a constant viewership monitor document. When someones views fluctuate wherever from 500ok to 4MIL views relying on the video, it is tough to guess what their CPM could also be. I solely selected to make use of Shane for instance as a result of he has constant views throughout his channel, which might make it simpler for him to find out estimated viewership. (Hey, if my estimations are proper and Shane does make these numbers, he deserves each cent. He’s a god amongst males and this world is just not worthy of him).

I additionally talk about PR lists, and why some reviewers will gloss over unfavorable features of a product in favour of the optimistic components to be able to stay in favour with a model.

I then talk about disclosure, focusing notably on Australian promoting requirements – what IS legally required to be disclosed, and what’s NOT legally required to be disclosed.

As I said in yesterdays video, It’s NOT okay to just accept a model sponsorship and fail to reveal that what you’re saying is a paid endorsement. It is even WORSE to just accept a sponsorship to purposefully shed unfavorable gentle on one other model, to be able to profit the model that’s paying you. YES, this DOES occur.

I extremely advocate you watch this video by Marlena Stell –
My Fact Concerning the Magnificence Group:…

Right here’s an excellent rationalization of what influencer advertising and marketing actually prices: and marketing/what-influencer-marketing-costs/

That is additionally price a learn, explaining CPM:





  1. I mention hypothetical names and hypothetical rates, however what I am saying in this video is simply an example of what influencers COULD earn, based on their views and what brands are known to pay to reach that many viewers. Please understand that Youtube ad revenue and sponsorships, while both charged on a CPM basis, bring in vastly different rates. I mention the CPM of the Superbowl in this video, however this number COULD be very different to what some Youtubers charge for a sponsorship. The CPM for Youtube based video ads can range anywhere from $2 – $20 (or more) but the CPM for sponsored videos can fluctuate as high as $50, depending on the length of the sponsorship (if it's the entire video duration, or if it's a 30 second segment for example). I also use Shane Dawson in my example, but I ONLY use his name because most people are aware of who he is, and he has a consistent viewership track record. When someones views fluctuate anywhere from 500k to 4MIL views depending on the video, it's difficult to guess what their CPM may be. I only chose to use Shane as an example because he has consistent views across his channel, which would make it easier for him to determine estimated viewership. (Hey, if my estimations are right and Shane does make those numbers, he deserves every cent. He is a god among men and this world is not worthy of him).

  2. I think the mindset or concept of motivation needs to include a fan base variable. I might watch a couple of "first run" videos on a product but I'm unlikely to purchase it until my fave influencers review it.

  3. I think you completely missed the point. It's not about this money being comprehensible/making sense to people who will never make that much money. It's about it being ethical. What this person was saying is that it's not morally right for one person to get that much money where there are people who can barely survive with what they're making.
    It's not right for influencers, it's not right for sports personalities (especially football players, especially male football players), it's not right for CEOs to make a thousand times more money than their least paid employee, it's not right for politics, it's not right for actors/singers, it's not right for anyone. I don't think that comment was specifically targeting influencers/youtubers, I think it was denouncing the entire system/institution behind them making this much money.

  4. Thank You Alex for your honesty and easy, clear explanation of the sponsoring and cooperation topic. You are doing it really gentle way, not criticizing anyone specifically. At the end it's the thing of someone's individual conscience- what they post, if it's in accordance with truth. Noone is forced to say bad things about anyone or about any products. It's individual decision and if money is enough to cover someone's sense of honesty- I'm sorry for those people. PS Your eyebrows look very nice in all videos from this series :> and in general You are awesome, kind and lovely person ❤️ greetings from Poland!

  5. i know this is from last year but i think people dont think alot of these you tubers dont deserve the money they get because of either how they are as a person or the things they do and the way they act. People stop being humble and kind when alot of money is involved. money is money, it can not buy you happiness and it certainly can not buy you a positive state of mind. so i feel like maybe thats why alot of people think certain you tubers dont deserve the things they have

  6. This kind of thing is why I love you, Alex. You are honest and you have integrity….well then there is Archie. My daughter adores him! I watch you and Safiya Nygaard. I subscribed to a few others but don't watch them because they are annoying to me. I haven't watched them enough to know if they are honest, but they seem very fake to me. I have watched almost all of Safiyas videos as well as working my way through your videos. Thank you for information like this and being a real, open and honest person.

  7. So I have been binging your videos since I found you and I have reached these (got to JH vault things and was told to start here) – whyyyy is no one talking about your videos?? I remember when this drama happened, but never heard of these! Damn! You’re giving such a different side of knowledge etc. that realllly needed to be put out there! Go you for doing these, I love this!

  8. I think people mostly just don't like the ethics of paying someone that much to swatch an eyeshadow and try to sell it to you, because there are people out there who are more talented and work incredibly hard, and usually those people have little to show for it. That's just how the market works. Of course we can justify it, but it's not a pretty sight. A good lesson here, is just don't gauge someone's value as a person by how much money they have, and decide early on what success means to you. If money is your main vision of youtube success, then you will have to pursue advertising in specific industries.

  9. I absolutely love this video and how informative and thorough you were with your information! I also appreciate the fact we're you pointed out about PR lists and supporting people who may or may not be on them and you did bring up another good Point! One of many, but the 1 I'm talking about right now is where you mentioned that if Tati Or a nother guru that you trust get something even if it's weeks later that you wait for their review to see what they think of it, that is a dam good point! I have been doing that for a long time! I'll be the 1st one to say that I do not like Jeffrey Starr, however, when there is a product that I am intrested in that he is reviewing I will actually watch his video because I know he is brutally honest! So while I mean that appreciate the type of person he is or how he carries himself I do trust his opinion on products because he doesn't care he gets kicked Off of any lists or not. He says what he has to say about the product and if the bran doesn't like it common that just too badd for them! So I've been doing that for about 3 years now that if I have a goober I trust I'll wait 6 weeks to see their video to listen to what they have to say and make my decision for myself but also use some of what they said as a deciding factor! People need to quit being greedy and trying to be 1st all of the time and take time to slow down use their dam brains for something other than talking smack or playing on their phones, and do some research and think things through before they just act impulsively!

  10. I prefer the British guidelines or may be its European, they have to disclose gifted items. I think that its important for different reasons like the assumption by some young people about what kind of income you can make as a blogger. Thats just one.

  11. I don't think you understood that one person who commented. We understand where that money is coming from–we're just saying that no person in the world should make that much money for virtually no work put in. It's wealth hoarding. People in the world are starving, homeless etc. and these people are making millions by posting videos on YouTube. It's not right.

  12. This does NOT make sense to me because the Super Bowl commercials are the best, most costly productions of a year!
    We need to drop that CPM by QUITE A LOT!

    Nevertheless, I think you are sweet and creative crazy so I Subbed!

  13. Just found and watched this video (and Part 1)wow really really interesting thank you so much for going to the trouble and effort of creating and explaining everything in such detail! You managed to make a complicated topic easy to understand and boy it was an eye opener!!!
    I'll be watching "influencer" videos with fresh eyes from now on. Thank you sooo much xx

  14. You are so eloquently spoken and we really appreciate the time you’ve taken to create this series. We have learned so, so much! We are new to your channel but it’s so nice to connect with a fellow Australian YouTuber! x

  15. Phil Defranco owns part of the "betterhelp" brand. It came under fire for ignoring guidelines allegedly. No member could actually speak to a proper councellor, they couldn't ever get through to anyone, although they were still being charged. Great videos, great advice. I love your transperancy. Thank you.

  16. Wait… you guys have tv you pay for with no ads? In the US we pay for cable and it always has ads. And that's true I've now muted my phone twice for ads on this video alone. ._.

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