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Anton, a magician and trick pool shooter created Bean Bagglz, the 33 video games in 1 beanbag recreation. He stopped by and talked with Shawn Pfunder about how GoDaddy helped him along with his social media advertising and marketing. Watch Steve Harvey’s Funderdome Sundays 9|8c on ABC.

Shawn Pfunder: Hey, all people. I am Shawn. I am right here with GoDaddy. I am right here with Anton, who’s bought this actually, actually cool — it is truly on his shirt.

Anton: There we go.

Shawn Pfunder: Cool product referred to as the BeanBagglz. Did I get that proper?

Anton: BeanBagglz. You bought it proper.

Shawn Pfunder: All proper, so you bought to explain the product for us.

Anton: Yeah.

Shawn Pfunder: Assist us visualize what you bought on the market.

Anton: So you have performed, like, cornhole earlier than, proper?

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah, I’ve.

Anton: Beanbag tossing recreation. BeanBagglz is the world’s first beanbag tossing recreation that has interchangeable templates.

Shawn Pfunder: Okay.

Anton: It is bought a built-in storage bin. It is bought wheels, so it is transportable.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: And it additionally converts right into a full-height recreation desk, built-in chess/checker/backgammon board.

Shawn Pfunder: Oh, that is actually cool.

Anton: So we name it the 33-in-one tossing recreation.

Shawn Pfunder: Okay, so, like, simply so I might help visualize.

Anton: Yeah.

Shawn Pfunder: Like, once I was rising up, I keep in mind we had like a beanbag toss, like, recreation. It was like a, it was like tic-tac-toe, proper? Like–

Anton: Yea

Shawn Pfunder: You’d throw the beanbags and there have been totally different holes that you just put it in. Is that what that is? Like–

Anton: Precisely. The boards slide out and in. We have–

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: A tic-tac-toe recreation referred to as Kiddo Kolumns.

Shawn Pfunder: It is my children’ favourite recreation, proper.

Anton: Yeah. However yeah, it has every little thing from slightly children’ recreation up by way of an grownup consuming game–

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: And every little thing in between. So it is a complete style of video games. Thirty-three totally different video games that you can play.

Shawn Pfunder: So what are the totally different boards that you just swap out on that?

Anton: We bought the unique recreation, which is Beanbag Billiards, proper. I am a pool participant.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah?

Anton: Proper, so it is a pool desk. You possibly can play pool on the seaside. How enjoyable is that?

Shawn Pfunder: With the beanbags?

Anton: With the beanbags, precisely. [laughs] There is a soccer recreation. There’s baseball. There’s like a Skee-Ball model. There is a–

Shawn Pfunder: Holy cow.

Anton: Battleship should you keep in mind Battleship as a child.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah, I completely keep in mind that. Yeah.

Anton: The cardboard recreation Warfare. You ever play Warfare as a child?

Shawn Pfunder: I did. Yeah, yeah, yea
Anton: Now, you’ll be able to play Warfare with beanbags.

Shawn Pfunder: What?

Anton: It is superior.

Shawn Pfunder: So are they, it is like even the beanbags, do they alter as effectively?

Anton: Yeah, the beanbags you get are 15 billiard balls, so that they’re–

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: Billiard ball beanbags.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: Then, we even have triangle multicolored beanbags for 4 gamers, so they may purchase it that approach additionally.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah, nook on the beanbag market.

Anton: There you go.

Shawn Pfunder: It is like preserve going with every little thing. Okay, the place did you give you this concept?

Anton: Nicely, I grew up with household recreation evening.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: Crucial in my, you understand, Italian household.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Anton: My children someday, you understand, they’re — I bought 5 children–

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: Goes, hey Dad, you wish to play a household evening?

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: I used to be like, oh, man, lastly. [laughs] My prayers are answered

Shawn Pfunder: I really like you a lot.

Anton: Thanks. [laughs] They usually deliver out, like, these iPads, and gadgets, and all, [laughs] they usually hand it to me, after which they run into different components of the room. And I am like–

Shawn Pfunder: Right here, Dad.

Anton: This is not household evening.

Shawn Pfunder: Oh, dude.

Anton: So I needed a recreation that bought the youngsters off the sofa, away from the technology–

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: And truly interacting once more.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah. Now, in a very smart way, this can be a little little bit of a, in my day, proper, [laughs] we did not have these kinds of gadgets.

Anton: Proper.

Shawn Pfunder: I adore it, and I really like that you just did it–

Anton: Yeah.

Shawn Pfunder: On your children.

Anton: Yeah.

Shawn Pfunder: That is very, very cool. Nicely, okay, so what was your background earlier than doing this?

Anton: Truly, I am a magician.

Shawn Pfunder: You are a magician?

Anton: I am a magician and a two-time U.S. trick shot champion of pool the place you make, like, ten pool balls directly. [laughs] And I mix it collectively. It is referred to as pool ball wizardry.

Shawn Pfunder: I really like-

Anton: That is what I do.

Shawn Pfunder: Wait, so that you do the magician act with pool desk?

Anton: Precisely. I play video games for a residing, so how can BeanBagglz not be my cup of tea? That is what I do.


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