15 Server Suggestions & Methods | Learn how to Make the Most Cash!

Hey all of my fellow servers! In case your searching for some recommendations on being a greater server and making extra money look no additional! Listed below are my favourite tried and true server/bartender ideas.

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38 thoughts on “15 Server Suggestions & Methods | Learn how to Make the Most Cash!”

  1. I’ve only had 2 waiters that I’ve liked ever and I eat out allll the time. I still tip 20% but I feel like I shouldn’t anymore. A lot of waiters don’t smile, don’t check up on you, walk away WHILE I’m talking and expect 20. Im done

  2. Excellent and one more thing, always look back about 3 steps after taking the order, sometimes minds are changed quickly so looking back always help, also another diner, might really need some service, maybe their server did not return in a timely manner like yourself.

  3. One thing I hate, as a customer, is when you have a mouth full of food or you are engaged in a conversation and your server comes by and asks you if everything is OK or if you need anything. It's rude.

  4. I am caught between, I can’t take it anymore and damn this money is good though. I work at a VERY WELL KNOWN sports bar where the tips are better than any place I’ve ever served but the kitchen SUCKS! We have had so many walk outs because the ticket times are about an hour. We have horrible reviews also. We have to stand and wait for our orders and when expo is finally done with them the customer is pissed. No one runs each other’s food, the Managers will see food in the window and just leave it sitting there. They are more worried about being friends with the servers they aren’t assertive enough to tell people to run food. If we have walk outs over $50 we are responsible for paying for it or we get a write up. No consequences to the kitchen. How would you deal with this nonsense? I need advice girl.

  5. Variation on #6- let's say your job doesn't offer appetizers (like the restaurant I work at) let your guests know about your soup options (or salads) before they think about their entree. If you can add on a bowl or cup of soup or salad before they order it's just as effective plus if they order something that is a "dip check" or a pre-made entree you dont have to worry about anything coming out late.

  6. ANOTHER TIP FOR FEMALE SERVERS!!!! When serving hetero couples, I make most eye contact and put more of my attention towards towards the girlfriend/wife!

  7. Hey thanks for this video Im 13 and my mom is always telling me that she can’t buy me so much stuff anymore so I got a job at a paper route and I get 40 dollars a month and the things I want are pretty expensive if I’d say so myself so I was looking at jobs in my age group and I saw a waitress job pop up I’m not the type to be very talkative but I think this can really help with my anxiety and help me get over my fear of social anxiety since I’ve been getting that a lot recently and I find these tips very helpful so I just want to say thankyou I will just be working at a little cafe and I’m very excited this video actually makes me more excited !

  8. Just starting in the waiters business. This vid is very VERY helpful. Thank you A LOT! Also wanted to ask you, do you think that GIRLS tale more tips than BOYS just because they are girls and guys that are eating for example want to impress you or smth?

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